Anniversary Party

Westminster Golf & Country Club Information Sheet
Anniversary Party
Please read and initial each line item.
______ A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee the time and date of your
event (this will be subtracted from the total cost of your event). The contract is for a 4 hour
period. Overtime is occasionally available and can be arranged prior to the event.
Final payment will be due before the event begins, on the day of the event. This payment may
in the form of cash or check.
Checks should be made payable to: Settlers Crossing Enterprises Inc.
and sent to:
Settlers Crossing Enterprises Inc.
19 Burke Street, Lunenburg, MA 01462.
______ Prices quoted are subject to change according to food market fluctuations. Final menu
selections are due at least 4 weeks prior to the event. At that point, we will confirm if there has
been a price change other than what is printed on the menu. Then the price is final and
guaranteed not to change after that point. There is an 18% service charge added (gratuity and
administrative) and 6.25% Massachusetts Sales Tax.
______ We ask that an approximate guest count be made 2 weeks prior to your event and then
we require a guaranteed guest count 7 days prior to your event. Guest count may not
decrease after this time. Charges are based on that guaranteed number or the number
served, whichever is greater. Additions to the head count can be made up to 48 hours ahead
of your event. After that, we cannot guarantee that unexpected guests will be provided a meal.
If we do not receive a guest count guarantee, we will base our figures on the number of people
originally told to us. Our chef prepares more food than necessary; therefore, any remaining
food is Country Club property. Westminster Golf & Country Club does not allow the
packaging and taking home of any food or alcoholic beverage from the premises.
______ Westminster Golf & Country Club will not be responsible for the condition of the food if
the customer is more than 15 minutes behind schedule.
______ The customer is not allowed to bring in any food. Certain specialty items (cake,
desserts) may be brought in with the prior approval of the event coordinator.
______ All weekend breakfast and luncheon functions are subject to a $100 room rental fee.
______ The State Alcoholic Beverage Commission strictly regulates the purchase, sale and
service of alcoholic beverages. As licensee, the Westminster Golf & Country Club is
responsible for the enforcement of these regulations. Therefore, it is our policy that no
alcoholic beverages may be brought into the premises from outside sources and no beverages
may be taken out of the building. This also includes wine bottles used for favors. We reserve
the rights not to serve those whom we feel have already reached their limit. We also reserve
the right to stop bar service at any time.
______The customer agrees to conduct its function in an orderly manner and to comply with
the rules and all applicable laws, ordinances’ and regulations of any governing authority. We
strictly adhere to al regulations governing the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages,
fire safety codes and emergency procedures. The customer agrees to cooperate fully with us to
comply with and to enforce all such rules, regulations, law and code requirements.
Westminster Golf & Country Club Information Sheet
Please read and initial each line item.
______ Westminster Golf & Country Club cannot be held liable for the non-performance of this
agreement when attributable to circumstance beyond our reasonable control which prohibits
our performance, including but not limited to; act of God, national emergency, riot, nonavailability
of food, beverage or other supplies, travel or transportation restrictions,
government regulations or accident.
Decorations and Seating policy and information:
______ All displays and decorations proposed by the patrons shall be subject to the approval of
the Westminster Golf & Country Club. We do not allow affixing of anything to the walls, floors,
and ceiling with nails, staples, tape or any other material without the prior approval of
Westminster Golf & Country Club. We are not able to allow the use of any rice, loose glitter or
confetti in or outside of the building. Due to local fire codes, any candles must be contained
in a glass container with the wick four inches below the glass line.
______ Arrangements for decorations and/or flower delivery and set up must be made ahead of
time with the event coordinator.
An additional fee may apply if the event coordinator is to set up centerpieces and other décor,
to be discussed at least one month prior to the event date.
We are not responsible for any items damaged or lost prior to, during or following the event.
The customer is responsible for delivering and/or retrieving any items left at the Country Club
in a timely manner. Any items left at the Club, without prior arrangement will be discarded.
______ If available, and arrangements are able to be made so that decorating can be done the
night before the event, the customer agrees to conclude all such set up by 6:00pm.




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