Instruction By : 

Alfred DiVincenzo

(774) 262-5476

Alfred Di Vincenzo began his younger years playing baseball; his one true love.  Upon advancing through the ranks of semi-professional baseball he unfortunately suffered career ending knee injury.   Needing a new sport to excel at, Alfred turned to golf 50+ years ago. 

Now in his retirement Alfred has decided to pass along what he himself has learned.  With his keen eye for detail he will surely find any weaknesses within your swing and work with you to correct it.  Alfred has been given the sole privilege to utilize WGCC facilities to do so. 

Alfred does his own scheduling.  If you are interested in improving your game or the game of someone you know please call “Al D” directly ~

His Lessons are at least sixty minutes long and cost $60.00 each ~ He also offers a “purchase three get one free” deal.